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"Affirmative Action Plans, when prepared right, are more than simply  a compliance document. Instead, they are  strategic tools to identify hidden barriers to equal employment opportunity for your employees and applicants at each   stage in the employee lifecycle."

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"OFCCP investigations  are a deep dive into your company's pay, hiring, recruitment and other critical HR processes. And when audits go wrong, the consequence often is millions of dollars in discrimination findings and reputational harm. Effective audit defense requires that you are ready to respond to OFCCP even before they ask questions, conduct interviews and review your data."


"Organizations have vastly increased their focus on pay equity. It is a critical recruitment and retention tool and can result in significant reputational harm if not addressed. We conduct effective pay analyses and provide strategic advice to help companies get pay equity right."

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"Diversity, equity  and inclusion has become a business imperative. It affects recruitment, retention, morale and productivity  of your employees. We assist employers in developing creative DE&I programs that effectively move the needle on diversity."

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"EEO, Affirmative Action and Diversity programs exist on the page, until we make them real.  To make your  programs live and breathe within your organization, effective training is necessary. We provide lively effective training for management, HR, C-suite and other stakeholders."


“Your affirmative action plan should not be a compliance document tucked away. It should be a living, breathing strategic tool to uncover hidden barriers to equal opportunity in the workplace.”

- Mickey Silberman, Silberman Law PC, Shareholder

About Silberman Law PC

Silberman Law PC is recognized as a national expert and thought leader in the areas of Affirmative Action Compliance, OFCCP Defense, Pay Equity, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Based in Denver, Colorado, Silberman Law PC, brings nationally recognized employment law representation to employers in many industries across the country. With over 25 years of experience in the cutting edge areas of Affirmative Action, OFCCP, pay equity and DE&I, Silberman Law PC helps companies get EEO and pay equity right.


Mickey Silberman, shareholder of Silberman Law PC, and his team have prepared thousands of Affirmative Action Plans for federal contractors. Silberman Law PC offers an unparalleled record of success defending audits by the  Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs.


We provide sophisticated advice and counsel on pay equity matters and our firm provides creative and effective guidance on DE&I to help employers move the needle on diversity. 


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Silberman Law PC serves clients throughout the United States. Learn more about our areas of practice. 


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